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What is Carl’s Jr. Free Burger Day, and when is it happening?

Free Burger Day is a special promotion where we give away our irresistible Western Bacon Cheeseburger to My Rewards™ Members. The upcoming Carl’s Jr. Free Burger Day is scheduled for February 12.

Why do I need specialized training for Free Burger Day?

Free Burger Day can be hazardous if the safety guidelines and training is not adhered to. It’s important that Carl’s Jr. employees are armed with the necessary knowledge and precautions to ensure a successful Free Burger Day.

Are there any additional safety tips for Free Burger Day?

Always be prepared, stay alert, and follow the training guidelines. Safety first! If in doubt, consult with an experienced Carl’s Jr. employee or supervisors.

​How can Carl’s Jr employees celebrate a successful Free Burger Day?

Celebrate with high fives! Join in the excitement and share the joy of providing customers with a memorable Free Burger Day experience.

Are there any measures in place to prevent injuries while using the Carl’s Jr. issued Anti Claw Saw?


Help! I’ve been bitten by a ravenous customer, what do I do?

Begin by washing the affected area with Carl’s Jr. specially formulated Free Burger Day Bite Soap. Once the area is cleaned, check for any signs of the craving spreading into the affected limb.

What are the first signs that a bite has resulted in craving spreading?

If you start to feel the uncontrollable urge to feast on free Carl’s Jr. Burgers, this is a major tell that the craving has begun to take hold. It's important that you find a manager or senior crew member as soon as possible before drastic measures must be taken.

Why is the Burger Saver Fan being recalled?

Unfortunately, the Burger Saver Fan has been deemed unsafe by the CFSWS (The Commision of Fan and Small Windmill Safety). The “More Fan” setting is capable of pumping out winds at nearly 400 miles an hour, this is obviously quite unsafe for anyone weighing under 3 metric tons. This setting is only an option on all current models of the Burger Saver Fan due to a mistake at the fan plant.

Why are customers going to be so ravenous and unruly on Free Burger Day?

It’s well known that Carl’s Jr. burgers are incredibly delicious and highly craveable. It’s only logical that giving them away for free would result in craving levels at never seen before heights. Though we neglected to think of this prior, we already spent the money on that massive ad campaign. Oops.

What do I do if I get Anti Claw Saw Detergent on my skin or eyes?


In-app offer for My Rewards members. Limit one free single burger per registered user. Valid 2/12/24 only at participating restaurants while supplies last. See for terms and details. © 2024 Carl’s Jr. Restaurants LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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